Warning Bell

A warning bell has gone off
Something said or written
That doesn’t really add up
A feeling of creepiness comes in

What does this person want?
Do they just want to know more?
Or is there an ulterior motive?
Do they want something I do not know?

Is this person a stalker?
Or are they a con artist?
Or some sort of scammer?
Or an online predator of sorts?

How can one even tell
With all these online interactions
Behind computer screens
With no face-to-face interaction

No, I do not want to meet
You in person
I’m too wary
Look at all those horror stories

I don’t even think we’re in the same country
I doubt you are in the country you say
I’m too wary
To believe everything on the internet

There is something there
That I cannot describe
There is something weird and strange
But I can’t tell you what it is

I don’t think I want any more interactions
I doubt there’s any way
That it can be proven
There’s nothing to worry about


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