I used to write letters to my grandparents. My grandmother used to write replies back. After she passed, the letter writing dropped back. And then I started writing letters to Pop. Then I stopped doing that.

I don’t have that much contact with Pop except to call on birthdays (mine and his) and on Christmas Day just to check in and wish him a merry Christmas and hear if he’s doing okay (my grandmother passed away on Christmas Day).

I’ve been thinking of writing him another letter and include some photos with it since I haven’t been doing that for a while. I’m thinking of telling him that I have my probationary license (about time ha!) and include photos of the car and the house that the other half and I have moved into. I’d write about what I’ve been doing, like the aged care course that I’ve done, the darts competition that I’m involved in (Pop used to play competitive darts) and the books that I’ve read (I don’t know if he’d like any of them – my grandmother seemed to be more the avid reader than Pop does).

But what else do I write to him about? I could include so many photos for him to look at. I have no idea what to tell him. We probably aren’t as close as other people are with their grandparents. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve seen him as an intimidating and hard man who hasn’t always had an easy life.

I need to do something before it’s too late and he’s no longer here for me to talk to.


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