The locked clicked and the door swung open. She knew something was wrong when she pulled down on the door handle.

Inside, the house was a mess. There was broken glass and china everywhere. There were papers, pillows and ornaments strewn across the floor. The curtains were swaying in the breeze coming through the windows.

It looks like the break ins shown on TV, she thought.

Then she saw all the blood. She was frozen, unable to move or speak. Her mind was racing. She felt like she was suffocating.

Something moved, breaking the spell she felt she was under. She moved as quietly as she could in the direction she thought the noise came from. She almost screamed when she found a cat in the kitchen stealing food from the rubbish bin. She shooed it away and it escaped out of one of the broken windows.

Breathing heavily, she went for the phone. She was relieved to find that it was working. She dialed the emergency number and waited for an answer. She spoke to the operator as calmly as possible. The operator assured her that the police would be there soon. She hung up the phone and decided to have a look at the damage.

There was broken objects, papers and upturned furniture everywhere. There was droplets of blood. She wondered where the blood came from.

The bathroom door was ajar. She pushed it open. She began to scream at the sight before her. Her housemate was lying on the floor before her, naked and in a pool of her own blood. She didn’t see the masked man stepping out of the shower nor did she see the knife he was was wielding. She was too focused on the image before her.

She didn’t feel the knife stabbing into her until it was too late. She could vaguely see the man in the mask before her before he escaped through the bathroom door. She fell forward and landed face down on the bathroom floor. She could see her housemate’s hand and her blood.

She closed her eyes.


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