It’s been over three weeks since I’ve written a post. So much has happened and I’ve had very little time to write a post and publish it here.

I’ve finished the three weeks of placement that I had to do for my aged care course. My trainer said that she was happy with what I had done when she came in to assess me and that I’ve passed on her end. I just need to finish a couple bits of paperwork before handing it all in to her tomorrow to be externally assessed. I was a little worried for a while as she had broken her collar bone just before I started placement and I wasn’t sure if she could get to the facility where I was doing placement by herself. So far she’s doing okay and hopefully it won’t be long before her collar bone finishes healing,

Placement was partly what I expected and partly what I didn’t expect. All the staff were helpful and nice and I learned a lot on the practical side of things. I was speaking to a friend of mine who also does aged care but in the home and community care sector and we both agreed that there are better places where we are. I’m not saying it’s the worst facility in the area – just that there are places that are deemed a little better. It was a good starting point for someone who is looking to get into the industry, All I need to do besides from the last of the paperwork is write up a cover letter and resume and start applying for aged care positions.

I also ended up with an allergic reaction rash on the back of my neck from wearing cheap necklaces. My normal necklace’s clasp has broken and I haven’t had the money to take it to the jeweler’s to get fixed yet. In the meantime I had been wearing a couple of different necklaces to put my engagement ring on while I was doing placement. My ring sits up a bit and I didn’t want to accidentally scratch a resident and cause them a skin tear. The rash is almost completely gone now.

I’ve also been helping the other half with his business and I’ve been getting very little sleep in the last few weeks. I was lucky to get more than five or six hours of sleep some days. Today I’m slowly catching up on housework and sleep and doing a friend’s wedding photos. I’ve done a basic edit on them and shown them to her (she was quite happy with them, especially since I got a couple of nice shots of her husband). I’m going to try and do a different edit on them so she’s got a few choices so I have to do some research on different photography editing techniques.

Overall, it’s been a good few weeks even if I’ve been busy and struggling to get enough sleep in some of the previous days,


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