Writing About Aging…. Relationship Changes with Young People

Sara Sally Davis

Recently, I had an online conversation with a young man who is about thirty now, whom I have known a very long time.  No identifying details, of course, but I reflected on his situation with his grandmother, who is almost eighty. He visits every Christmas and often once during the summer.  This time he found himself being very frustrated by her behaviors.  She was constantly checking to see if he needed anything, even fussing over him, which she had not done before. She also seemed depressed, among other things, and he just found her new, different way of being, strange and even annoying. They love one another very much and have always had closeness, meaningful communication and understanding that he has become an adult.  Her preoccupation with his every move was “driving him crazy.”  He felt very guilty, but he was also totally concerned about what was happening.
Most of…

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