An Article That I’ve Read

I’ve skimmed over an article about narcissists and I’ve come to the conclusion that not only is one of my sisters a narcissists, a former friend of mine has narcissistic tendencies as well. This former friend of mine still blames me for the fall out of our friendship and the events that lead to this fall out. I only know this because I spoke to her a year or so ago and she was still blaming me for everything that had happened about four years prior. This could also indicate that she likes to hold grudges (which I already knew since she held grudges against family members that she considered as people who betrayed her. She was a foster child so that may explain a lot of the narcissistic tendencies as well and explains why she got along better with my sister than me).

It’s probably a good thing that this person is no longer in my life. It’s pity how it had ended and that she didn’t have the courage to tell me she didn’t want to be friends anymore. It’s a pity that she thought ignoring me and avoiding me was the way to tell me this. It’s a pity we still can’t sit down and talk about what had happened and clarify and sort it out. It’s a pity that she is still behaving this way and that her behaviour has and could have the potential to destroy her marriage.


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