I Hate Blogging

Free by Forty

I hate blogging.  Really.  I do.  It’s like a drug or a disgusting food you can’t stop eating although you know it’s destroying your insides and making you fat!

I can’t stop.  It keeps me from doing other things, but when I write a blog and hit publish, euphoria overcomes me like a heroin addict feeling that first warm rush after the needle is emptied into his vein and the opiate rushes through every cell of his body.

Then, the waiting begins.  Slowly the likes come to my inbox, refreshing the euphoria and answering the question, “is anyone really reading this crap?”  Sure, it is is vindicating when people like or better yet comment either positively or negatively.  Even when they like it, I ask, “did they read it?  Because if they did, there is no way they could have really liked it!!!”

When I really hate blogging, however, is…

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