Reflection on the last twenty four hours

For 17 hours, the Lindt cafe in Martin Place in Sydney was held hostage by a deranged armed person who had a history of violence, sexual assault and for sending hate mail to the widows of Australian soldiers who had died whilst in Afghanistan. This person was out on bail for being an accessory to his ex-wife’s murder. Five people managed to escape during the day. Then, just after 2am this morning, the gunman had started nodding off and seven more people escaped before the manager of the Lindt cafe tried to disarm the gunman. He was shot and tragically died. Other people were shot and a woman died of a heart attack. At the sound of gunfire, the police situated outside the cafe raided the place and the gunman was shot and killed. At least three people were injured and a police officer had minor injuries to his face. I hate to admit this, but I am glad that person is no longer around.

My thoughts go out to the families who lost their loved ones because of this. My thoughts also go out to the survivors of the hostage situation.

I am so proud of how the New South Wales Police Force handled the situation and for their quick actions at 2am this morning. Because of their actions, no one else was killed. The officers were calm and did their jobs with high excellence. The Deputy Police Commissioner was excellent in her role as the face of the tragedy. They earned all the praise coming from the New South Wales Police Commissioner and everyone else.

This is a reminder that all of us Aussies need to stand together in our friendship with one another.


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