Summer is definitely here.

It’s hot today. It’s been hot nearly all weekend. It’s somewhere in the 30°C range. It was muggy and humid this morning as it had rained for about ten minutes or so. But it’s since gone back to being a dry hot day. I’m not much of a wind person (I don’t really like windy days) but there was a nice breeze today which was nice and kept things a little cooler.

Placement for my age care course has been postponed to January and they (the company I’m doing the course through) and the trainer have been trying to organize a facility where we can do placement. I went to an aged care facility today and asked if I could do placement there. I have a meeting there next week with someone to talk about it. Hopefully they say yes to me doing placement there.

I kind of did a strange version of iced coffee but without the ice cubes as we have no set ice cubes (I’m still waiting for them to freeze). It tasted all right. I’m going to have to look up a recipe for making iced coffee now (ha!).

I really like going to op shops at the moment. I’ve managed to get enough pants for placement as well as a dress, skirt, a couple of shirts, a jumper for winter/autumn, some books and Christmas presents for my mother and sisters and part of a present for the other half.


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