A Bad Feeling Part 2

She stared at the photographs pinned to the board before her. The faces of the children who died, the crime scene and the suspects blurred into one big photograph.

They were no closer to solving the case. It was all a big mess as she had predicted. There was a cult that she knew existed but couldn’t yet prove anything about it yet. The children had been identified and their families had been contacted but no one was talking.

She has no idea what else to do until one of the younger officers came in and told her there was someone here to speak to her.

It was a young woman who looked like she was barely sixteen. She led her to an interview room. Next thing she knew, the girl was spilling her guys out to her.

The girl confirmed that the cult existed, who was running it and what they did. She know had enough to make further inquiries. She hoped that all of this would lead to an arrest.


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