I’m beginning to think that I might need to do some exercising at least once/twice/three times a week. And start drinking more water. I’m not overweight by any means (I am skinny) but I don’t have a perfectly flat stomach. Come to think of it, I’ve never really had a flat stomach. When I was in my last year of high school (which was five years ago) I was 55 kg. And now I’m 70 kg. Most of it’s gone to my hips and bum (like it seems to do to us women).

I can’t believe I managed to put on 15 kg in five years. That seems like a lot of weight but I’ve gradually put it on. And I’m not doing nearly as much walking as I did back when I was 18. I was walking more than six or seven kilometres in one day. Since I didn’t have a car license and since I lived just outside the CBD of the town I was living at, I used to walk everywhere. It wasn’t that big of a town so it was easy enough for me to walk three or so kilometres in a day.

And then I moved to another (bigger) town and I’m not nearly doing as much walking as I did back then. I live too far from the CBD so I can’t exactly walk everywhere. The closest bus stop is half an hour away and I shouldn’t use that as an excuse. I now have a better more fuel-efficient car (I was going to drive my mum’s ’97 EL Ford Fairmont car as my first car) and I have a car license to boot. However, instead of getting the bus, I usually park the car in one of the CBD car parks, get an all day (or a few hours) ticket and then walk to where I need to go. Sometimes I make a few trips to the car to drop stuff off into the boot (the joys of having a car and not having to carry everything on a bus). That seems to work as the car is in a centralised parking spot, I’m not trying to find parking spots that are close to the shops I need to go to and I’m getting my daily exercise in.

I need to think of some easy exercises that I can motivate myself to do when at home and that I can do even when I don’t feel like it or when I don’t have too much spare time. Perhaps some leg and stomach exercises?

Drinking more water is essential as it is getting warmer and it is getting really close to summer so I need to keep hydrated and drinking water is going to cleanse my body and make my skin look better, too. And hopefully help me get rid of a few kilos.

I wouldn’t mind getting closer to being as skinny as I once was even though I’m not fussed with how I look at the moment. It would be good being able to fit into some clothes that I’m a few kilos too big for at the moment (there’s a few dresses and a certain pair of jeans that I’d like to fit back into but I need to drop fifteen kilos to fit into the jeans properly again).


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