It Feels Like

It feels like I’ve done so much today. I guess I probably have in hindsight.

The other half has a friend who is coming over and is going to be staying a while with us in their caravan. In preparation for that, I cleaned the other toilet and bathroom, moved the clothes horse from the bathroom to the garage (I moved it there during winter to try and get the clothes dry quicker in the warm air and because it was closer to the laundry and because we have an ensuite), I did the dishes and put the clean dishes away, I did three loads of laundry and I vacuumed and mopped all the floors that needed to be done (and surprisingly worked up a sweat with the vacuuming).

Mind you, the house is relatively clean anyway so it didn’t take very long to clean. I spent more time doing the laundry than I did cleaning the house (which goes to show how little mess me and the other half make). I had already did a bit of a clean up in the kitchen the other week by sweeping and mopping the floor and changing the tablecloth on the table and washing the dirty one.

I am now sitting on the couch yawning my head off while the other half is yawning behind me as he’s sitting at his computer, It’s only four thirty in the afternoon and we hardly sit there yawning at this time of night. We’re more like night owls. We stay up late, sleep in till mid morning before getting up again (unless we need to get up earlier) and repeat the process. I generally sleep more than the other half who can run on four or five hours sleep and work sixteen hour days (I’m definitely not that type of person).


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