A Bad Feeling

There was a feeling she couldn’t shake off. Something was bugging her and she didn’t know what it was.

It wasn’t until she got to her desk that she realized what might be causing the bad feeling. There was a file sitting on her desk.A group of children had been murdered at an abandoned farm. The ages ranged from as young as ten to as old as seventeen.

Her heart sank. She knew this was going to be a big mess, She could imagine all the headlines on TV, the internet and in the newspapers as soon as word got out about this. She shuddered at the thought of how big the public outcry over this was going to be. She made a mental note to try and keep the press out of it as much and as long as possible.

She sank into her chair behind her desk and began to read the preliminaries. She felt nauseous as she was reading the details of the crime scene. The kids had been brutally murdered. No one should suffer that fate, especially not a group of children.

She packed up the paperwork and left her office. She needed to go down to the morgue and to the lab. She was determined to close this case and put the killer or killers behind bars.


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