Job Searching Efforts

It won’t be long until I’ll have to start actively searching for jobs again. Actually, it’ll only be a couple of days away before I have to start recording job searching efforts for the next fortnight (the next fortnight will start on Friday).

So it’ll be back looking for seven jobs a fortnight whilst finishing the aged care course. The other course finishes on Friday so I’ll see where and how I’ll go with that. Either way, I hope one or both courses help me get a job (fingers crossed I get a job before Christmas).

I’m still not sure why social security needs me to start looking for jobs when I still have about five weeks to go before finishing full time study (three of those weeks are going to be taken up by placement). It’s not like I can get a job in aged care yet as I don’t have the certificate for it (come to think of it, I might not get the certificate until after Christmas).

Anyway, I hope I can get something part time while I finish the course and if I still have a part time job, then maybe do aged care part time as well and fit both around my schedule. It shouldn’t be too hard and it’ll get me out of the house, away from my fiancee during the day (or night) and away from the hospitality venue I volunteer at since I’m not doing so well there.

But I am hoping I get that retail assistant position after the retail warehousing operations course finishes. It’s a part time position and there’s only about ten of us in the class but I’m not sure if they’ve all applied for the same position as a couple of the girls in it already have jobs. I know at least one has applied for the same position, but I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone in the class has, too.

It really does appear that things are looking up for me now in terms of employment.


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