The Jump

The wind and the rain were hard and the sea was rough. I kept getting mouthfuls of salty water and it felt like I was going to be blown away.

I don’t even know why we were out here in the first place. With the way the weather was, it was a stupid and very dangerous idea. At least we weren’t in a boat out at sea, but I guess the cliff was close enough.

“Why are we out here in this weather?” I shouted at her.

I wasn’t sure if she had heard me, but she turned and smiled at me. She was standing close to the edge – too close to the edge for my liking. She was already drenched with sea water. I had never thought the top of the cliff was that close to sea when the tide was in. I could see the wind blowing her straight out to sea as I watched her long hair flying around her head in the air.

I watched her turn back to the sea and step forward. Everything felt like it was going in slow motion – the sea, the wind, the rain, me moving forward. I wasn’t quick enough – all I got was a few loose strands of her hair.

I looked down over the edge. Below me was the dark swirling depths of the sea. There was no sign of her. It was useless screaming out for her. The rain, wind and sea were all loud – too loud. I couldn’t think straight or even see straight for that matter. I was too panicked and frantic. I had managed to get back to the road and had quite possible been nearly ran over by passing cars. An older couple pulled over and got me into the car before taking me to the police station. I don’t remember them or the journey to the police station or the station itself or the police questioning me. I felt numb and cold and – nothing. It seemed that I had lost any sort of feeling.

They never found her. I don’t think they believed me. I think they suspect me of murdering her and burying her somewhere where no one will find her. I hope the tide brings her back in to prove them all wrong.

I keep expecting her to turn up on my doorstep, laughing and acting like her jumping off that cliff was all a big joke and that she wasn’t being serious.

Nothing like that ended up happening.


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