When Designing a Setting, Use the Kitchen Sink

Writing Is Hard Work

strange planetLast night I wrote over 1500 words on my latest WIP, and that was just backstory.  I have only crafted three characters, one fully crafted and the other two somewhat realized.  Mostly I’ve been working on the setting since it is realized completely from my own imagination.

As I follow in the footsteps of J.R.R. Tolkien (hands down my favorite author) I am attempting to create a completely new and unseen place set far away near Alpha Centauri.  I am designing five separate solar systems, complete with atmospheres, flora, fauna, intelligent life forms, and a history that spans over 500 years.

I’ve discovered a few things over the past few months as I’ve been working on this behemoth, and I’d like to share what I’ve discovered with you folks who read this blog.  I know that not all of you write in the fantasy/science-fiction genre, but I feel that these…

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