I sit back and think of the past
I take a retrospect look
And all the things that I have done
And think to myself
“Can I be better than that?”

I think of the people I’ve encountered
And how I’ve spoken and treated them
Could I have done things better?
Of course, I think to myself
I could and should have done better

I think of my failings
And all the things that I’ve screwed up
In the last few years
I think of past friendships from school
That I screwed up too

Maybe I wasn’t as nice as I thought
Maye I wasn’t as decent as I thought
Maybe I wasn’t a good social person
Maybe, just maybe, I’m terrible at
Faking it till I make it

Or maybe I am a horrible person
With low self-esteem and self-confidence
Who isn’t terribly good at social interaction
And pushes people away who try to be nice to me
By coming across as rude and cold


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