I have way too many

The other day I realised I had quite a few unread books sitting on my bookcase. Some of them I have started to read. And some of them I’ve had for two or three years. I think once I’ve finished reading the library book I’m reading, I should go finish reading all these books that I have on my bookcase. Unlike library books, I can take my time reading them so that may be why I’ve been so slack (or I’ve of the reasons why).


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2 responses to “I have way too many

  • caitlinstern

    I realized my pile of To-Read books was out of control when the stack no longer fit on the bookshelf. Some of the books had been there for years, so I decided to read at least one a month. Mixed success–I only have one of those books left, but I’ve more than doubled the previous amount with new purchases/gifts.

    Good luck with your stack of books!


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