Feelings about job searching

I signed up with one of the recruitment agencies where I live and applied for a job through them. The job is working in a factory that processes food.

I had an okay feeling about this until one of my references told me the recruitment agency called them and they said that they told them that I don’t listen and wasn’t good with customers. Now I think because of that I won’t be getting any work through them at all.

I feel like absolute shit now. I feel like bawling my eyes out because there’s no way I can get a job and get off unemployment benefits. Even one of my friends couldn’t believe that the reference said what they said since the reference is one of the people telling that I need to get a job.

Today I’ve gotten in trouble for missing something that had to go on the shopping list and I was also told that I didn’t have a brain. Which had led to me feeling even worse than a few hours ago.

That’s not even including the other half telling me that he didn’t like me taking his photo (he doesn’t like his photo being taken) and for putting said photo on Facebook (which he asked me to remove).

So I haven’t really had a good day (well, I did for a little while). I feel totally useless and like absolute shit. I feel like crawling into a hole and not coming out.

N.B. In hindsight, the referee could have said what they have said because of past wrongdoings that I’ve done in the past that this person had witnessed and they are probably under the impression that I’m not willing to change or work on things.


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