Reading posts from the ‘Freshly Pressed’ section

I was reading some posts under the ‘Freshly Pressed’ section when I was struck with the thought that all these people write long blog posts. I have nothing against that – it’s just mine seem to make theirs look like essays (in a very good way, of course).

Maybe I’m too used of doing short blog posts like on Twitter and I rarely post written statuses on Facebook (usually it’s happy birthday messages or saying what I’m watching and with whom).

I’m also left thinking that these people have a lot of things to say and are well educated and smart – much smarter than me. And then I’m left thinking that I don’t really have anything to contribute to well founded opinions because there’s no way I sound as smart and as educated as these guys come across through the words they’ve written.

I might just be having a low self-esteem moment and that maybe one day I’ll be writing just as interesting blog posts as the ones I just read.


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