I feel a little proud of myself

Not only did I find a block of chocolate that I hid in the pantry this morning, I managed to write ten pages in long hand to a story I’m writing. The other half’s business wasn’t too busy last night so that gave me the chance to write for a couple of hours in between doing things.

I’ve always been writing on and off since late primary school. Nothing has been all the good, except a couple of ideas I had in late high school. I’ve shown these ideas to a couple of people in the early drafts. Least to say that they’ve changed a bit since then. There was a couple of times I stopped writing completely due to studying at uni and the last year of high school but I’ve picked it back up again.

I haven’t shown anyone what I’ve written this time round. The other half knows I write. I want to write a first draft, let it rest and then edit it and rewrite it before I let anyone see it again. I have three or four ideas for stories running through my head but I’m finding it a little difficult to become motivated and inspired enough to finish one and focus on another.

I don’t really want to talk to people about these ideas. I’m a little unsure about people’s reactions to me writing and the ideas themselves and I don’t want people to ask if they can read it before I’m ready to let anyone to.

I might let the other half read something when I’m ready and he has time to sit down and read. And I have another friend (maybe two) who would like to read at least one story. I think I might be set for ideal readers though 🙂


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