Reading other people’s blogs

The bloggers on here have written really good blog posts on here. I haven’t been bored when I have been scrolling through all the blog posts, which is really good and says a lot for all the bloggers here that I’ve read.

And here I am feeling quite inferior to the other bloggers here. I have nothing insightful or interesting to blog about (except perhaps about how good other bloggers are 🙂 ).

Everyone here seems to be really nice and there’s a great community spirit here as well. This is definitely a better blogging site than others that I’ve come across.


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2 responses to “Reading other people’s blogs

  • Mariam Tsaturyan

    I honestly think every blogger suffers from that particular thought. I know I do. I keep thinking what should I post that will interest people enough to come on my site and stay there lol. You will be fine, you are not alone 🙂


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