Just reading some blog posts from other people

And I realise I don’t have anything interesting or poignant to say/write on here. I don’t really have anything that’s really insightful to write about. Maybe it’s because I don’t do anything interesting. I guess I’m too busy reading or watching movies or trying to look for work or trying to help my partner with his business. I don’t really catch up with friends because they’ve got something on or I am doing something and cannot commit because I don’t know how long I’m going I be or I can’t catch up because I don’t have enough money. And I don’t really catch up with family because I don’t get along with them all the time.

I’m such a loner but I don’t mind being alone and doing things by myself. But I’m thinking that I need to do more with my life than just housework, reading and looking for a job that’s probably going to take me forever to get because I don’t have the right qualifications or experience for the job. I hope I can find something.


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